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October 17, 2015: Abebablom. Magic or war?

This is a children’s nonsense song when they play hide and seek in Greece. Are there ‘magic words’ like ‘abracadabra?’ Are they ‘child-talk’ or do they have deeper linguistic roots? Latin? Turkish? Slavic?

ancient greek boys-4

Non of the above. The ‘re Ancient Greek.

The wording comes from a game that boys in Athens used to play while exercising in marital arts. In the game, the two ‘fighting’ teams that repeated rhythmically:

«Απεμπολών, του κείθεν εμβολών»

"Apebolon, tou kithe emvolon"  Sadly, we've relocated to the British Museum.

“Apebolon, tou kithe emvolon” Sadly, we’ve relocated to the British Museum.

It means “I’m pushing you back with my spear.” The wording has survived for ages but somehow distorted, ending up not making sense.

Apebolon, tou kithe emvolon” became “Abebablom tou kithe blom”.

Which one you prefer?


September 15, 2015: Should we give up?


He is certainly determined. But can he make it?

There’s a lot of debate on this subject on different levels. What conclusions can you draw from the following video?

Hmm… We can really tell what happened at the end. So the glass is half empty or half full. It’s up to you.

I vote for no. 2:  O επιμένων νικά. Those who insist, win.


These photos and video are original. I took them.


June 14, 2015: About toilette paper (again)

Why does it always have to be white?

Where can I get one like this?

Where can I get one like this?


April 20, 2015: That is the question

To marry or not to marry?

To marry or not to marry?

Here are the pros and the cons (according to men of course).



March 25, 2015: If it works…

You may have noticed my first quiz about who said “If it works it’s out of date”. The options were:

  • Bill Gates, who got most of your votes/guesses
  • David Bowie, who got only two votes
  • Thomas Edison, one vote
  • Galileo, one vote
  • and Martin Scorsese who got none of your votes

The answer is David Bowie. Apart from singer and songwriter, he’s multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, actor, as well as painter. Did you know that? Bowie is major figure in music for over four decades and an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s.  Source

But my friend Lia, told me that the original quote belongs to Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communication theory.

“If it works, it’s obsolete.”

McLuhan is known for predicting the World Wide Web, 30 years before it was invented. His work is considered one of the cornerstones of the study of  media theory, with practical applications in the advertising and television industries.  Biography & more


March 21, 2015: The first day of Spring

Which is the correct way to hang toilet paper?


This article proved me right, so I’m going to share this valuable information with you in order to avoid making mistakes in the future.

The correct patent has been published in 1891. The end of a roll should be on the outside while hung, so in the “over” position. The patent was made by New York businessman Seth Wheeler, founder of the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company, who is also responsible for why we are able to tear off perfect squares of T.P.

Here is a photo from the patent of the correct usage:


Scientific source


March 8, 2015

Photo courtesy of Molly Lewis

Photo courtesy of Molly Lewis

Who said:

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now.”

  1. Diana, Princess of Wales
  2. Jack Kerouac
  3. Mother Teresa
  4. Victor Hugo

Click here to find the right answer.


March 3, 2015

Post in Greek and English

Ποιος είπε:

“Πλατωνικός έρωτας ίσον μαλακόν παξιμάδιον δια τους μη έχοντας οδόντας.”


  1. Αλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη, πειράζοντας τον τότε Διάδοχο Κωνσταντίνο
  2. Αριστοτέλης, ο φιλόσοφος
  3. Εμμανουήλ Ροίδης, συγγραφέας και δημοσιογράφος
  4. Καλιρρόη Παρέν, η πρώτη Ελληνίδα φεμινίστρια

Κάντε κλικ για την απάντηση ΕΔΩ


Who said:

“Platonic love is a soft nut for those who have no teeth.”

  1. Aliki Vougiouklaki, Greek actress having an affair with the former heir to the throne Constantine
  2. Aristotle, the Ancient Greek philosopher
  3. Emmanuel Roides, writer and journalist
  4. Caliroe Paren, the first modern Greek feminist

To find out the answer click HERE


February 27, 2015

Which one of the 4 Catherines?

Which one of the 4 Catherines?

Guess who said: “If you are going to fail, then fail gloriously.”

  1. Cate Blanchett – actress
  2. Catherine the Great – Emperor of Russia
  3. Katherine Graham – former editor of The Washington Post
  4. Katarina Witt – two times Olympics gold medalist, figure skating.

And …  click here for the correct answer


December 8, 2014

Who is Wendy?

Wendy was my girlfriend.

Wendy was my girlfriend.

Then she left me. As I wanted to keep her on my body, I’ve tattooed her name on my private part. Then I went on a holiday to relax and meet new girls.

I went to Jamaica.

I went to Jamaica.

As I was laying in the sun on a nudist beach, all you could see on my private part were the letters W and Y. And then I met

Franklin. He knew Wendy too.


I told him: “Dude, you knew Wendy too!”

Franklin did not understand: “Wendy who?

“Dude, Wendy, those letters you tattooed on your … they are W and Y. When you think of her one can see her full name on your private part. Wendy!”

“A that! Now I’ve got it brother. Well, mine are ‘Welcome to the lovely Caribbean and have a lovely holiday‘.”

Frank and I became friends, although I made sure never to go on a nudists’ beach with him again.


October 29, 2014

Still questioning time on Earth


May 3, 2014

Why Mondays are SO LONG?


April 12, 2014

Pythagorean theorem

How not to complicate things in life? Look further down and find X.



April 10, 2014

That is the question – 


November 16, 2013

Is astrology our connection to the Universe of ourselves?

Why are people fascinated with astrology? Personality quizzes like “find out which Mythology character you are”? So you are a Capricorn, so you should be like this… and this… and that… Well is that true? Are we really as our sign says we are or do we believe that we are like that?

My explanation to the fascination about astrology (and I’m not an exception to the rule) is that we are always search to find who we are. But it’s so hard to do, no one, not us, not our closest friends or relatives can have the full picture of our personality. So, it’s easier if we have a set of character stereotypes to choose from.

The hard truth is that human soul is as complex as the universe. And through astrology we connect with the unknown world of the stars. Watching the night sky, we only see the surface of what’s in there. And there’s a reason for that. Who wants to fall into a dark hole?

In the Shadow of Cronus | Photo from The Why Files

In the Shadow of Cronus | Photo from The Why Files


November 3, 2013

Have we ‘created a character’ who rules our lives?

The question is inspired by the great blog /

There are 2 types of mental operations, according to the book “Thinking” by John Brockman.

  • Τype 1 is automatic, effortless, often unconscious
  • Type 2 is controlled, effortful, usually conscious,  rule-governed.
  • Perception and intuition are Type 1.
  • Type 2 is who we think we are.
  • [And yet] Type 2, in a film, would be a secondary character who thinks that he is the hero because that’s who we think we are
    Βut in fact, it’s Type 1 that does most of the work, and it’s most of the work that is completely hidden from us.
Who is she anyway?

Who is she anyway?
Collage, photo edit by V.T.

Much like our attention, which sees only what it wants and expects to see, our associative memory looks to reinforce our existing patterns of association and deliberately discounts evidence that contradicts them. And therein lies the triumph and tragedy of our intuitive mind.

Which one is alive?

Which one is alive?
Photo by V.T.

October 20, 2013

Compare apples with oranges? Why not.

They say don’t compare different fruit. I say do so. It’s logical. I love oranges because they are sour and juicy. Apples are better looking but make me feel stuffy. Same with people. I find some guys interesting that others think are crazy. Or I get bored and feel fed up by nice cute ones.

So the question is not whether to compare apples with oranges but to be aware of their nature and understand when it’s the best time for each of them. Those days, I tend to prefer apples. It’s true they were never my favorite kind of fruit, but there’s a season for everything 🙂

Photo by V.T.

All of them are tasty and nutritious, in a different way
The thing is, I always pick the strangest fruit
Photo by V.T.

October 8, 2013

Medical Distinction between Guts and Balls

We’ve all heard of people having Guts or having Balls. In an effort to keep you informed, here are the definitions:

  • GUTS is arriving home late, after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom in her hand, and having the Guts to ask, “Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?”
  • BALLS is coming home late, after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the Balls to say, “You’re next, chubby.”

I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. Medically, speaking there is NO difference in the outcome.
Both are fatal.

Magica de Spell

The End

September 19

Handwriting or online chat? Which friendships last more?

When I was 10 years old I participated to a game of exchaning post cards with children all over the world. When I’ve got a card from Elena a girl from Cyprus, my French tutor, Madame Marselle told me: ‘Why don’t you write her a letter?’

I did. And then Elena and I became friends for life, so did our parents, and now I’m facebook friends with her daughters and son.

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

Elena ‘says’ that she hates technology. She loves the memory of our beautiful hand written girly letters. But lately, she takes slow steps into the online world, and we now correspond through emails.  Here’s a post she sent for my blog.

Is back-to-school is a Mum’s blessing? You bet!

By the end of summer, while most people dread returning to work, I’m smiling at the thought of returning to school. Not ME, that is. My kids.

Do not misunderstand me:  I love my kids more that life itself and enjoy their company enormously. Having them around keeps me alert, tires me enough to know I’m still human. Makes me smile. Keeps me half-way sane.

But THREE months of lying around on the sofa in various degrees of self- inflicted idleness is trully more than I can bear. And completely disruptive.

To a fairly well organised person like myself, breakfast happens sometime between 7 to 8 am. Not so in summer, when it miraculously seems to shift to sometime between 11 and 1pm!

So lunch moves to 3pm. When, normally, it’s my time to lying down with face in book (I do NOT mean Facebook). And so on… dinner takes place at around 10pm (instead of 8.30pm) and bedtime is around 2 am.

By which time I’ve no idea what day it is, not to mention what my own name might be.

Because I’m fully awake at 6am when the damned light is too bright and my eyelids pop up like toast out of the toaster. And just why, you may ask, don’t you close the shutters? Because in this country it’s too hot to sleep with the windows shut. Ever heard of air con? Sure except sleeping in a room with the air con on feels like being on a plane and when I wake up I discover that I wasn’t on any plane because I haven’t gone anywhere.

But in September, the light is kinder, the clock retains its meaning, breakfast happens when it’s supposed to and dinner is served as God intended. And a mum can only pray that September comes quick. Before breakfast totally loses its meaning. Happy schooling to you all 🙂

Elena, student at the English School

Elena, student at the English School

16 Ιουλίου

Πώς λέγεται η Αφρικανή Τηλεφωνήτρια;

Νενέ Μακούτε

από το Twitter

Stupidity is … take a quiz

July 12

Photo by V.T. Tate Modern Cafeteria

Photo by V.T.
Tate Modern Cafeteria

  1. Invincible, like the cockroaches can survive a nuclear catastrophe.
  2. Like a strain of water in your clothes. The more you look at it, the more in bothers you. But if you ignore it, soon it evaporates and disappears.
  3. A competitive advantage. Bless are the stupid ones.

What’s your vote?

Με τι να συγκρίνεις την κουζίνα της Μαμάς;

19 Ιουνίου

Διάλογος που άκουσε η αδερφή μου, πραγματικότατος, πριν από αρκετά χρόνια. Οι αξίες είναι κλασσικές. Και καταλήγουν στο μεγάλο ερώτημα, αναπάντητο για πολλούς άντρες, ακόμα και μέχρι σήμερα: “Υπάρχει σύγκριση με τη μαγειρική της Μαμάς;”

– Α, ρε μεγάλε, φοβερά μαγειρεύει η μάνα σου!

– Και πού να δεις το μουσακά. Μιλάμε το κάτι άλλο.

– Σώπα ρε φιλάρα.

– Ναι ρε, όπως στο λέω. Η μαγειρική της Μαμάς είναι μο-να-δι-κή. Δεν υπάρχει καμία άλλη στον κόσμο, όσες ταβέρνες και να πας, σα το φαί της Μαμάς δεν θα φας πουθενά.

– Σιγά ρε μεγάλε! Ούτε γκόμενα ρε δε σου’χει μαγειρέψει έτσι; Ποτέ;

– Άχρηστες. Και τη συνταγή της Μαμάς να τους δώσεις, το ίδιο φαί σου λέω, με τα ίδια υλικά, ΚΑΜΙΑ δεν φτάνει τη μαγειρική της Μαμάς.

– Τόσο πολύ…

– Η Μαμά στην κουζίνα δεν συγκρίνεται με τίποτα. (σκέψη, παύση)…. Δεν υπάρχει τίποτα που να φτάνει τη Μαμά στο φαί….. (σκέψη, σκέψη, παύση)… Ή μάλλον… (σκέψη, σκέψη, σκέψη, παύση)… Η Μαμά στην Κουζίνα είναι….

Η Μαμά

Η Μαμά

17/6 Για Ποιον Χτυπάει το Τηλέφωνο: A Tease & Play Stupid Question

Flash back στο 1821:  Teenager. Περιμένω τηλέφωνο από αγόρι, κρεμμασμένη πάνω από τη συσκευή.

Collage by V.T.

Collage by V.T.


(Το σηκώνω με το τρίτο χτύπημα, για να είμαι cool.)

«Έλα πουλάκι μου, η γιαγιάκα είμαι, τι κάνεις…»

«Καλά ευχαριστώ εσύ γεια.»

… Αμέσως μετά, ντριιιν

(Αφού ξεφορτώθηκα τη γιαγιά, τώρα ναι, είναι Αυτός. Ας χτυπήσει πάλι τρεις φορές να είμαι σίγουρη.)

«Καλησπέρα. Είμαι ο Θείος Μπάμπης, είναι ο μπαμπάς σου εκεί;»

«Όχι λείπει γεια.»

(Εδώ είναι, σιγά μην του τον έδινα.)

… Και μετά τον Θείο Μπάμπη, ντριιιιν

(Ας είναι Αυτός Παναγίτσα μου!)

Όχι. Και πάλι όχι. Είναι η κυρία Ελισσάβετ, κολλητή της μαμάς. Όταν πλέον χτύπησε το πολυπόθητο συγκεκριμένο τηλέφωνο, το απάντησα με τη γνωστή γαϊδουριά της εφηβείας και παραλίγο να του το κλείσω στη μούρη από κεκτημένη ταχύτητα. Ή άλλες φορές, ακόμα χειρότερα, είχα παραιτηθεί και το σήκωνε η μαμά, οπότε της το ‘κλεινε Αυτός.

Επιστροφή στις 13 Ιουνίου 2013

Η ιστορία επαναλαμβάνεται, παράλληλα με την εξέλιξη της τεχνολογίας. Ναι, σαν φάρσα.

Πληκτρολογώ με μανία, ενώ περιμένω το πολυπόθητο μήνυμα. Αλληθωρίζω, με το ένα μάτι στα email, με το άλλο στο κινητό.

Ντιν-ντιν (σύχρονος ήχος ειδοποίησης, στο χαμηλό και διακριτικό για να μην ακούει όλο το γραφείο)

«Το Άττικα σας ενημερώνει ότι έχει μοναδική προσφορά επώνυμες μάρκες καλλυντικών -25%»

(Delete, ΔΕΝ πρόκειται να πάω ποτέ, να μάθετε να μου στέλνετε SMS ακατάλληλες ώρες).

Ντιν-ντιν (λίιιγο δυνατότερα, για να είμαι σίγουρη ότι δεν θα χάσω την ειδοποίηση)

«Τα Hondos Center έχουν γεννέθλια και σας περιμένουν με νέες προσφορές.»

Γιατί, γιατί, γιατί!  Ποτέ δεν πήρα απάντηση σε ένα σοβαρό ζήτημα που όσα ξόρκια και προσευχές να έκανα, επαναλαμβανότανε με μαθηματική ακρίβεια.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.

May 6

“But what dream state is love?  Frantic and serene, vigilant and calm, explosive and sedate — love commands a vast army of moods.  Hoping for victory, lovers enter the arena, daring as gladiators.”  I wish I’d written that.

Photo by Molly Lewis

Photo by Molly Lewis

April 30

Forgiving or Forgetting?

Which one is easier?  And which one is best?  Forgetting is easier.  Still forgiving is best, because eventually it leads to forgetting.  Now time to go to bed, I’m tiered.

April 29

Ουτοπία = Ου + Τόπος = Ο τόπος που δεν υπήρξε ποτέ ή ο τόπος που δεν υπάρχει πια;

Ουτοπία είναι ένα μέρος που σβήστηκε από το χάρτη.  Είναι ένα μέρος που δεν μπορούμε να επισκεφθούμε ποτέ πια. Αλλά υπάρχει για πάντα στο χωροχρόνο.

Utopia = A place that doesn’t exist or a place that never existed?

Utopia is a place removed from the map.  A place that we cannot visit any more.  But it exists for ever in spacetime.  The Never Forever Land

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

April 24

Would you stay in a public place naked, if the reward was 1 million Euro guaranteed for the rest of your life?  Like going to school and sit in the class without your clothes on, or, even worst, go to your office like, do your emails, answer phones attend meetings?  I don’t know, it sounds like a nightmare.  In fact, one of my worst nightmares as a child was going to school on my night gown.  But a friend of mine said that she would do it, provided that immediately after securing the money she would live the country.

Θα στεκόσαστε τσιτσίδι σε ένα δημόσιο μέρος αν το αντάλλαγμα ήταν ένα εκατομμύριο Ευρώ, εγγυημένα για την υπόλοιπη ζωή σας;  Ας πούμε θα πηγαίνατε χωρίς κανένα ρούχο στο σχολείο ή στη δουλειά, θα απαντάγατε emails, θα συμμετείχατε σε συναντήσεις;  Για μένα ακούγεται σαν εφιάλτης.  Μάλιστα ένας από τους χειρότερους παιδικούς μου εφιάλτες ήταν ότι πήγαινα στο σχολείο με το νυχτικό.  Μία φίλη μου όμως το είδε πιο ρεαλιστικά και είπε ότι θα το’κανε, αρκεί αμέσως μόλις έπαιρνε τα λεφτά να άλλαζε χώρα.

Don't even think about it

Don’t even think about it

April 14

Και ποιος θα σκεφτότανε να κάνει κάτι τέτοιο;  Κι’ όμως το ίδιο μοτίβο επαναλαμβάνεται.  Οι Γραφές το είπαν, εδώ και αιώνες.  Όμως οι άνθρωποι επιλέγουν να το αγνοούν.  Μια από τις ιερότερες φράσεις.

“Μην δίνετε στα γουρούνια τα μαργαριτάρια σας.  Θα τα τσαλαπατήσουν.  Και μετά, σε κλάσμα δευτερολέπτου, θα γυρίσουν και θα σας επιτεθούν και σας σκίσουν σε κομμάτια.”

Why would anyone do that?  Yet the same pattern is being repeated.  The Scriptures said it, ages ago.  Still people chose to ignore it.  One of the most sacred phrases.

“Don’t cast your pearls to the swines, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.

April 1

Γιατί επιμένουμε να σκεφτόμαστε ό,τι μας πονάει;  Γιατί θέλουμε να το κρατάμε στη μνήμη μας ζωντανό, για να μην το ξεχάσουμε.  Η απώλεια μνήμης είναι ο μόνος πραγματικός θάνατος.  Και εδώ είναι το παράδοξο, αυτός ο θάνατος τελικά θα μας ωφελήσει πολύ.

Why do we insist on thinking about what hurts us?  Because we want to keep it alive in our memory, so we won’t forget it.  Memory loss is the only real death.  And the paradox is that we will benefit a great deal from this particular death.

March 29

Χτες το βράδυ, άνοιξα μία μεγάλη μαύρη σακκούλα και έβαλα μέσα όλη μου τη στενοχώρια.  Αναγκάστηκα να την σπρώξω για να χωρέσει.  Μετά έκλεισα τη σακούλα καλά κι’ έδεσα ένα σφιχτό κόμπο στην κορυφή.  Όπως έβγαινα έξω, την πέταξα στον κάδο των σκουπιδιών.  Πόσες άλλες ιστορίες, αναμνήσεις, σκέψεις, αισθήματα τόσων ανθρώπων υπάρχουν μέσα σ’ αυτό τον κάδο;

Last night I opened a big black plastic bag and threw inside all my sorrows.  They were far too many and had to push them to fit it.  Then I I tied a tight knot on the bag.  As I was leaving the building, I threw it on the trash bin.  And I wondered how many other stories, memories, thoughts, feelings of so many people are there, inside this trash bin.


Sausalito late 80’s
Photo edited by V.T.

March 25:

Why do we have synchronized clocks?  We should have our own personal clock, organizing time according to our personal needs.  My clock sometimes moves backwards.  Other times, skips present and jumps to the next decade.  That’s my time.


Collage, photo edit: V.T.

March 24:

Can I be fair but also not hurt some people?


Being fair means sometimes pissing people off.  That’s the reality.  Deal with it, or don’t be fair.

Μπορώ να είμαι δίκαιος αλλά και να μην στενοχωρώ μερικούς;

Όχι (το Ηρωϊκό).

Το να είσαι δίκαιος σημαίνει ότι μερικές φορές θα εκνευρίσεις (το λιγότερο) κάποιους.  Πάρτο απόφαση.  Διαφορετικά, ας μην είσαι δίκαιος.

March 20: 

Certainty or Uncertainty?  Certainty is security.  Warmth.  Like a hug from a person who loves you.  Certainty makes you relaxed.  And lazy.  Certainty can be boring.

Uncertainty is exciting.  Interesting, intriguing.  Uncertainty never leaves you in peace.  Inspires you to new adventures.  Keeps you alert.  Uncertainty can bring, together with all these, much unhappiness too.

Σιγουριά ή αβεβαιότητα;  Βεβαιότητα σημαίνει ασφάλεια.  Ζεστασιά.  Σαν μια αγκαλιά αγάπης.  Η βεβαιότητα σε κάνει να χαλαρώνεις.  Και να τεμπελιάζεις.  Η βεβαιότητα μπορεί να σε κάνει και να βαρεθείς.

Η αβεβαιότητα είναι συναρπαστική.  Ενδιαφέρουσα, γοητευτική.  Η αβεβαιότητα δεν σε αφήνει σε ησυχία.  Σε εμπνέει για καινούργιες περιπέτειες.  Σε κρατά σε εγρήγορση.  Η αβεβαιότητα μπορεί να φέρει μαζί με όλα αυτά, πολύ δυστυχία.

Fear brings unpredictable reactions

Fear brings unpredictable reactions

18 Μαρτίου:  Τζίτζικας ή Μέρμηγκας;

Από το σχολείο μου έμεινε η πεποίθηση ότι το Μυρμήγκι είχε απόλυτο δίκιο στην αντιμετώπιση του Τζίτζικα, στο μύθο του Αισώπου.  Έτσι μας έμαθαν, με τη σκληρή προτεσταντική λογική.  Ώσπου στην Αμερική, η Εβραία καθηγήτρια μας ξαναδιάβασε το μύθο από την ανάποδη.  Και μας έδειξε πόσο σκληρό και απάνθρωπο ήταν το Μυρμήγκι.  Δεν συμφωνώ 100%.  Όμως αυτό δεν συμβαίνει τώρα με τον ευρωπαϊκό Βορρά και Νότο;  Τελικά σκέφτηκα ότι και τα δύο έντομα, και οι δύο αυτές διαφορετικές τάσεις, υπάρχουν για κάποιο λόγο.  Το ένα δεν μπορεί να επιβιώσει χωρίς το άλλο.  Και το τζιτζίκι και το μυρμήγκι είναι απαραίτητα στο οικοσύστημα.

Team Ant or Team Grasshopper?

Ever since school I was convinced that the Ant was absolutely right treating the Grasshopper harshly, in the fable of Aesop.  That’s what they’ve taught us in school, according to the cool protestant logic.  But in the US, my Jewish professor presented the myth from another point of view.  She demonstrating that the Ant’s reaction when the Grasshopper asked for help was cruel and harsh.  I don’t totally agree.  But isn’t that happening now when we see the deep conflict between the European North and South?  Finally, I’ve concluded that both insects, both attitudes they represent, exist for a reason.  One cannot survive without the other.  Both are necessary to the ecosystem.


Berlin Wall
Photo: V.T.

16 March:  Γιατί ενώ ΟΛΗ την εβδομάδα ξυπνάω χαράματα και περιμένω πώς και πώς να κοιμηθώ λίγο παραπάνω, το ΣΚ ξυπνάω πάλι από τα άγρια χαράμαα; ΓΙΑΤΙ; ΓΙΑΤΙ; ΓΙΑΤΙ;

I feel so tiered all week, waking up before 7 am and can’t wait for the weekend to sleep over.  And then the weekend comes and I WAKE UP EARLY AGAIN!  Why? Why? Why?  So unfair!

15 Μαρτίου:  Τι αγόρασε ο Ιούδας με τα 30 αργύρια;  (βλ. απάντηση  Religion & Mysticism).  Είναι πολλά τα λεφτά Άρη, αλλά τι να τα κάνεις;

14 Μαρτίου:  Το χαστούκι φέρνει πόνο.  Ο πόνος φέρνει έμπνευση.  Η έμπνευση δημιουργία.  Η δημιουργία χαρά.  Άρα το χαστούκι φέρνει χαρά;

9 March:  Γιατί όλες οι μύγες της Αθήνας μπαίνουν στο σαλόνι μου, με το που ανοίγω τη μπαλκονόπορτά μου Μάρτιο μήνα;

8 March:  Why do we care to make comments about things or people we hate?  Are they so important for us?

7 March:  Why vote every four years since we change our minds within the first year of the re-elected government?  I’m not saying that it is logical to vote every now and then.  But active participation of the citizen is almost non-existent.  Is voting an illusion of democracy?

6 Μαρτίου:  Γιατί λέμε “δουλεύει σαν σκύλος” και όχι “δουλεύει σαν μέλισσα”;  (Αν και προτιμώ να δουλεύω σαν Γάτα.)

5 Μαρτίου:  Έχει άλλα έξυπνα παιδάκια η μαμά σου σαν κι’ εσένα;

4 Μαρτίου:  Αυτοί που θέλουν ολόκληρη την πίτα για τον εαυτό τους, γιατί προσπαθούν να μας πείσουν ότι θέλουν και ο σκύλος να είναι χορτάτος;

March 3:  Why 90% of people hate Sundays?  Does it have to do with school memories? Or it’s just biological?   Sunday, bloody Sunday