The stupid question of the day

Compare apples with oranges? Why not. They say don’t compare different fruit. I say do so. Why? Find out in the section: The stupid question of the day. Advertisements

fashion THINKS

Always trust your instinct. Value for money item, purchased in B.C. times. (Before Crisis). The whole story plus more daily fashion snapshots in the section fashion THINKS.

how to

Homemade Chic Read how you can make t-shirts that reflect your personality and style in the section: how to.

I’m not who you think I am

Talent can take you to both bright and dark places. Full text in the section:  I’m not who you think I am.

how to

how to. Για έναν Ωπωπώ. Γιατί θαύματα γίνονται.

Taller than the crowd

Taller than the crowd. Never let your ego get so close to your position that when your position goes, your ego goes with it. Respect.

The stupid question of the day

Handwriting or online chat? Which friendships last more? via The stupid question of the day.

Moments in time

Beings from another world: My childhood friends I believed that my toys have a soul. I could see it in their eyes. via Moments in time.

fashion speaks

The woman has a voice via fashion speaks.

Religion & Mysticism

Religion & Mysticism. This is the most poweful full moon of the year. Let itsnsilver energy cleance you from negativity.

tease & play

Θέλετε να κατακτήσετε έναν….Υδροχόο… για να τον κερδίσετε πηγαίνετε με τον ειρμό του (go with the flow), via tease & play.

how to

Η Μαύρη Δευτέρα«Καλό Χειμώνα» via how to.

Emotional rescue

Memories like ancient ruins: Preserve or destruct? via Emotional rescue.

I’m not who you think I am

What I am, a Question Mark Every cell of my body changes. I’m not the same person physically that I used to be a couple of years ago. I’m the same soul (or… Continue reading

Moments in time

You’re finally entering the world of grown ups. So you think. But in fact you are entering into a world of pain. via Moments in time.

in the Light

in the Light. Hope has a bright red color.

Mein Doppelgänger

In physics, black and white are the same thing. They’re not a color. They are a reflection of all colors. It’s the perspective that’s different. via Mein Doppelgänger.

how to

Ή tan ή επί τας Υπάρχει μαύρισμα και μαύρισμα. Από sexy-chic μέχρι μαυροτσούκαλο. via how to.

Religion & Mysticism

White magic on the full moon via Religion & Mysticism.

My moods (but who cares?)

  My moods (but who cares?).