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Trends fall 2015 – winter 2016

In praise of You

Fashion trends follow multiple directions lately. Why so?

Modern women are stronger, financially independent and formulate their own opinions. So, evolving with times, fashion becomes more flexible and gives us multiple options for our different styles. It’s not like the 60s where everybody had to wear mini skirts, even if they didn’t have the legs for them.

Today things are reversed. Fashion is shaped around our various styles, rather than we follow religiously its commands. Of course there are basic guidelines, otherwise there wouldn’t be any fashion industry.

Browse through the trends, decide what you like.

And then use them to celebrate your personal style

1. Color = Black and white

Black and White are totally different, yet the same. They are not ‘real’ colors but a reflection of all colors together. And they flatter every woman.

I also like Prada’s pastel color palette. Armani and Ralph Laurent use it too.

2. Style

Influenced by JP Gaultier’s later exhibition in Paris many designers play with a wide range of 80s trends: From ethnic, folk, tribunal patchwork to punk and vinyl. Punk has become so ‘classic’ that appears even in Saint Laurent catwalk.

Also influenced by JP Gaultier and some tv series (in my opinion) we see lots of lace and baroque trends, lead by Dolce e Gabbana.

Go to Shop Smart page to find where and how you can get this trends in affordable prices, in Greece and through the Internet.


Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition in Paris


“That was not an exhibition. It was a spectacle.” Aurore Parisot, styliste, Paris

Gaultier puts a new dimension to the corset. In the past, it used to be a symbol of woman’s suppression, pulling her tight, hidden behind her dresses. By bringing it out in the open, without any cover, Gaultier reverses the symbolism. He makes it a symbol of woman’s emancipation, power and freedom.” That’s what my friend Sophie said, a wise statement.

The videos are mine too.

Photos and videos copyright: Ino Cohen

Click for information about the exhibition


A new view

Christina A. wears the Ocean flash blue lenses. I would never even think of wearing surfers’ sunglasses in the city. I’m the classic Wayfarer type of girl, I have the originals for ages. I even still wear my gold Aviators from high school. But that’s me.

Yet, Christina is another type. She’s athletic, sports’ style, but also chic, minimal and mignone. So it was strikingly interesting seen her wearing a brand new style of sunglasses that matched perfectly with the color of her hair and her features. And she agreed to let me take her photo for my blog.


Will you try on the new flash shades this summer?

Ocean sunglasses product information


A red & white Oscar de la Renta jacket

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

In the 80s, I used to live in the US for a long time. I was short on money, so I used to buy my clothes from Loehmanns, a discount store with brands. I discovered many treasures there, some of which I still have today. One of them was an Oscar de la Renta cotton jacket with red and white stripes. (you can shop online, they have international shipments).

I did not know the designer back then but I liked its ‘chanelish’ style at a time when Donna Karan and Calvin Klein were dominating fashion trends. When I was wearing that jacket, my friends were telling me that I looked  European – a paradox since I had on an American designer’s piece.

Wearing a red Oscar de la Renta coat, also from Lohemans, at Norfolk, VA, 1985.

Wearing a red Oscar de la Renta coat (also from Loehmanns) at Norfolk, VA, 1985.

In 1990, when I moved back to Greece, that jacket was amongst the few items I took with me, together with a feastful of dollars and some books.

I was invited at the party of the son of my mother’s friend. His name is George and I had not met him before. It was just my mother’s effort to introduce me to some people so that I would not be isolated after such a long leave.

So following my American habits, I rung George’s bell at 9.00 pm sharp. He was just getting ready for the party, checking the sound system. According to his words, he was ‘petrified’ to see me at his doorstep, arriving so incredibly early with a red striped chanel style jacket, totally out of the party dress code… out of this world.

Hello’, I said stretching my hand to him. ‘I’m the daughter of your mother’s friend who just came from the States’.

George thought I was an Extra Terrestrial, dressed in red.

The party started at 11.30pm, so I had to stick around and help him. And I had a great time because George and his friends were very nice to me, especially Rena, a stunning blond with a great sense of style. She became George’s girlfriend that night and today they are married with 2 beautiful daughters. I stayed up until 3.00 am and was very happy for the first time after a long grey period.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

At another George's party in the 90's

At another George’s party in the 90’s


These boots are made for …

One of my favorite brands is Hunter wellington boots. I have two pairs, a black one and a red one. During winter, I store the black ones at the trunk of my car and wear them when it’s raining.

Now my Hunter boots proved themselves useful year-round. During my stay in Lenia’s cottage, I found out that the boots that I had forgotten in the trunk were the perfect shoes for walking in the garden.

And they are a stylish detail too.

And they are a stylish detail too.


Finesse & style

Ivi is an Athenian, interior designer. I admire her style and her inventiveness. She usually holds a Spanish ladies’ fan and unfolds it with elegance to cool herself. I love the creative way that she dealt with hot flashes, using an age sign to her own advantage. The ring in the photo is designed by Fanourakis jewelry. Well done, lady.



Best dressed women in politics and not only…

My top choices

Queen Rania-al- Abdullah Of Jordan

Queen Rania-al- Abdullah Of Jordan

The way she dresses shows a woman emancipated and at the same time, respectful to her culture and tradition.

(FILES) A file picture taken on May 6, 2

Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director

Because of her haircut, of her choices of Chanel jackets. She is elegant and feminine, in a high position, traditionally considered ‘a man’s world’.


Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, France

You don’t have to see what she’s wearing, just notice her face. It’s elegance itself.


Ηelle Τhorning-Schmidt, former PM of Denmark

Because when accused about the way she dressed she replied:  “We can’t all look like s***.”

And I couldn’t finish without a tribute to

Birgitte Nyborg

Birgitte Nyborg

A fictionary character that I wish were alive. And serve my country as well as she served hers in the tv series.


The lady is a vamp

She ‘s young and beautiful. And above all she has brains. I’m proud to see her supporting our country’s cause to get back the Acropolis’ marbles. I don’t care if it is a PR show. I don’t care if there are skeptics about what’s next. All I care is to see international support to Greece for a just reason.

And I admire Amal. Not because she married an attractive Hollywood star. I admired her for her personality, for her education and her elegance. We don’t see many elegant women around, since the late Princess Diana.

Amal Alammundin

So, even if you don’t agree with the politics, take a good look at Amal. She much deserves the attention.


She gets what she likes

Angel Lo Verde is a composer and a singer, living in Athens. Half Greek, half Sicilian, she lives and breaths music.

As for her choice of clothes, she buys what she likes, she likes what she sees as she walks by in different places, all over town. She creates her own style effortlessly, going with the flow.


Her interview coming soon at a blog near you 😉


Κι’ αν τα ρούχα παρδαλά

Στιγμιότυπο του Σταύρου Λογαρίδη

To 1973, βρεθήκαμε με τον Κώστα [Τουρνά] στο Notting Hill στο Portobello Market και πάθαμε πλάκα. Τόσα ρούχα σε έντονα χρώματα, με σχέδια, σήμαιναν για μας ελευθερία.


Τότε στην Ελλάδα ο κόσμος κυκλοφορούσε με γκρι, καφέ και σκούρα μπλε στους δρόμους – είχαμε δικτατορία, δεν υπήρχαν εισαγωγές. Έβαζαν 100% φόρο πολυτελείας και δεν υπήρχαν εισαγώμενα ρούχα, δεν συμφέρανε τους εμπόρους, έπρεπε να βγάλουν συνάλλαγμα έξω. Αλλά κυρίως ο κόσμος δεν μπορούσε να τα αγοράσει. Μία κιθάρα έκανε στην Ελλάδα 3 φορές περισσότερο από όσο στην Αγγλία. Μία Stratocaster κόστιζε όσο ένα Volkswagen, χωρίς να υπερβάλω. 125.000 δραχμές και με ένα 200άρι αγόραζες το αυτοκίνητο.

Γι’ αυτό μας κάνανε τόση εντύπωση. Είχα πάρει ένα μακώ, μακρυμάνικο, κόκκινο, με μεγάλα κίτρινα αστέρια στα μανίκια. Μετά από χρόνια το ξέχασα σε ένα ταξί, μαζί με άλλα πράγματα και το έχασα. Έχω όμως ακόμα πολλά μακώ από εκείνη την εποχή, ξεθωρισαμένα και μερικά τρύπια, αλλά δεν τα πετάω. Υπάρχουν στην ντουλάπα μου.



Always fresh & chic

I’ve known M. for years, more than a decade. She has 2 teen-age children. And now she is more beautiful than ever, always elegant and fresh. Mothers care of yourselves as well as you do for your children!

Well done!

Well done!


Ines c’ est Chanel et Chanel c’ est Ines

I've met Ines in the 80s. We immediately connected.
I’ve met Ines in the 80s. We immediately connected.

French, American Vogue, Greek Gynaika. And we have immediately connected.

She’s Coco Chanel’s reincarnation and Karl Langerfield’s muse.


‘Pour moi, Ines c’ est Chanel, et Chanel c’ est Ines.’

She parts with the Kaeser in 1989, because of her decision to lend her likeness to a bust of Marianne, the symbol of the French republic.  Langerfield criticized her decision, saying that Marianne was the embodiment of “everything that is boring, bourgeois, and provincial” and that he would not dress up historic monuments.

Ines moves on. She marries Luigi d’ Urso. They have 2 daughters. Sixteen years later, Luigi died.


Ines opened a chain of clothing boutiques and has been a consultant for Jean-Paul Gaultier. Today she’s with Denis Olivenne, CEO of Europe 1, she represents Roger Vivier and has created her own collection for Uniqlo. Her book ‘La Parisienne’ is a hot seller.


“Denis est un mec intelligent, cultivé, drôle et qui, en plus, aime ma progéniture.”

Ah, I forgot. She also walked the Chanel spring-summer 2011 show.

Kalte Platte, mein lieber Caesar

Rache ist ein Gericht, das kalt serviert wird.


A museum for Maria Callas in Athens. At last.

At last, the city of Athens pays homage to the Diva. The Maria Callas museum will start operations in 2015. The museum will be located in 44, Mitropoleos str, announced the Mayor of Athens, George Kaminis.

Besides the divine voice, artistry and character, I’ve always admired Callas’ style. When she lost weight and became a chic fashion statement, Maria has been influenced by Audrey Hepburn’s style.

Her eyes, sensitive, passionate, strong yet frightened, shine like candles.

Ave Maria

Ave Maria



She just got her inspiration to start her Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Go on then, I can wait!

Necklace copyright: Vassilia Paraskeva

Necklace copyright: Vassilia Paraskeva


Russian chic

This is a blouse I’ve got in the Spitafields market. The price was good, the quality medium but the styling has something to say. Wearing it with the appropriate jewellery makes me feel Russian, in the before 1917 times.

Black roses on me

Black roses on me


Wedding dress

As a rule, I don’t like weddings. I didn’t even like mine, ages ago. But it happened and I had a great time in Aggeliki’s and George’s wedding, because I felt the positive energy and their true joy.

It was 6 pm (the wedding was supposed to start at 7) and I was staring at my closet. I had chosen to wear a Charleston style dress I’ve got back in the 80s (!) with my first salary as a salesperson in an expensive department store in the US. It was a pleasant surprise that I was able to fit in.

Regarding accessorizing it, Vassilia Paraskeva saved me once more. Her exquisite long necklace was perfect for the bare back.



A complete unknown in the streets of Athens?

I don’t think so.

He walks around the city. Kolonaki is the place you usually find him. He always dresses smartly, I envy the little details, clothes and accessories with a personality.

Each one is a masterpiece Photo by V.T.

These shoes are made for talking
Photo by V.T.

I like talking with him, asking him again and again to repeat the story of young Patti Smith singing with her guitar in the streets of New York. I’m like a child asking for the same fairytale over and over. But what I like most about Con is the way he observes and communicates with people. Each person is unique to him, whether it’s a man or a woman, young or older, a friend or a complete unknown. He always has a good word, a compliment to make, looking for the positive details. And he makes me feel good, especially in the mornings, where I meet him at the street going to work.


Isabel Marant @ H&M

I woke up early this Saturday, hoping that there wouldn’t be too many people at H&M. I went to the first store asking (with my heart beating) where was Isabel Marant’s new collection. “Oh, in our Ermou store” said the sales lady, adding whatever ‘s left”. So I went to that store and asked again. “You can find whatever ‘s left on the back room.” 

My heart's desire Gone since Day Zero

My heart’s desire
Gone since Day Zero

So I went to the back room in a war mood, ready to dig for whatever was left… That is the following items:

  1. Heavy winter coats, perfect for Russian weather
  2. Pants in large sizes that made me look like a Roman gladiator
  3. Golden dresses, like those you can find in the street of Taiwan
  4. All Star type of sneakers for 50 euro
  5. Belts and earrings that could easily be sold in Accessorize

My efforts were not in vain. I’ve found some great H&M clothes, faux leather pants and a man’s jean shirt (my last obsession is men’s clothes).

My conclusion: You have to rush to get the good items. Judging from “whatever ‘s left” Isabel Marant’s collection is expensive for H&M standards, while many items are too ‘mass production’ for the designer’s style. Always go for the value for money.


Rock bracelet

An archeological treasure from the 80s Photo by V.T.

An archeological treasure from the 80s
Photo by V.T.

I’ve bought it from a store selling clothes for motorcycle riders in San Francisco, in the 80s. My parents and my little sister were waiting for me in the car. I wanted it so much. Although fashionable, this bracelet was forbidden to wear in concerts or sports’ arenas because if worn around your feast you can use it as a weapon. Well I hadn’t had the chance to use it (thank God) but I’ve kept it through the years. And now I love wearing it again, especially with chic stores.


When in doubt, go French

I was looking around in a small store in Thessaloniki (. There were tons of clothes I liked. I had my hands full with scarves, shirts, dresses, even necklaces. In the dressing room I was in the midst of a pile of colorful stuff but not sure if I was going to wear them although I liked them all. Has it ever happen to you, to buy clothes impulsively, then they loose all their appeal in your closet and you end up not wearing them?

But then I found the One piece that was really me, a stylishy black and white jacket. I looked at the tag. It was French “marque depose”. The price was good, so I went straight to the cashier.

Today it’s one of my favorites, “gamato” (according to Soti).

A camellia pin from Leka street, necklace from Carla G, H belt and Uniqlo jeans

A camellia pin from Leka street, necklace from Carla G, H belt and Uniqlo jeans


Sisters of Rain or the Art of Chaos

I love this place. It’s a small store in Thessaloniki, Proxenou Koromila street. It used to occupy double space in B.C. times (Before Crisis) but now, as the owner explained, they have consolidated their activities, and it sounds reasonable. I asked the owner about a sales lady that I remember from B.C. times that looked like Frida Kahlo.

“Oh, that’s my daughter” she said. “She always complains that this place is a mess.”


True, the store is a creative chaos.
Photo by V.T.

She says she has no time to tighten the place up. But I love it. Kinda strange for a Capricorn, right? I love it because in there I discover hidden precious clothes, unique items in low or moderate cost.

The name speaks for itself: Yades, the Ancient Greek sister fairies who brought rain. Delightful autumn rain, that’s what Greece needs at this time of the year.

The art of discovering Photo by V.T.

The art of discovering
Photo by V.T.


Bumping into a treasure when you least expect it

Last summer in Antiparos I was browsing in the shops with my friends. We were  looking for summer stuff, like t-shirts, flip-flops, summer dresses… Out of the blue, I came up with a chic jacket, something that would never wear on a summer holiday. Still the item caught my attention, the price was good ’cause it was off season. I’ve tried it on. Of course it didn’t match the clothes I was wearing at the time but I had a feeling that it was meant to be. And it was.

In my wrist, my father's watch

In my wrist, my father’s watch


Breaking news! Uniqlo, Ines de la Fressange Team Up 

The legend is here... to stay

The legend is here… to stay

The girl has done it (again)! Uniglo announced on that it would be collaborating with Ines de la Fressange for its upcoming spring/summer collection. As it’s stated: the collection will have a “Parisian style” theme.

Full story in:


Vintage items: The joy of discovering

Since I cannot go shopping as I could, I use creativity and my imagination. I search everywhere. My best place to discover new items is my mum’s closet. She has been keeping all those vintage stuff -that I used to make fun of-  and now they are a treasure. I’m thankful to her for giving them to me with pleasure and happiness. Grace Kelly style snake skin hand bags, leather gloves smelling old perfume, scarves… I even search my late father’s closet but that’s another story.

Here’s a necklace I love wearing with jeans and Converse All Star. Or a t-shirt, black pants and ballet flats.

Treasures that want to be found

Treasures that want to be found

And proudly worn

And proudly worn

Check this it’s cute:


Yes, I am a Berlin doughnut

A visit to Berlin has been my dream for years. It finally happened in the cold March of 2007 and I visit the city almost every year ever since. It was love at first site, feeling like I belong there. I knew my way around in places I’ve never seen before and even managed to speak some German with the friendly inhabitants. Germans have a different code of communication and once you get it you’re set.


That’s a t-shirt I’ve bought on my first visit.

The color looks awful on me and I had to do something about a cloth that I liked but could not wear. So I’ve took a pair of scissors and cut the neckline (actually I overdid it). Now people ask me where I got this ‘original’ t-shirt. And the answer is from a mass selling tourist shop in Check Point Charlie.

This is the video from the historical phrase. Just as a documentary, no politics.


I wish I could be so carefree and wild…

but I’ve got CAT CLASS and I’ve got CAT STYLE

I’m in a classical mood. Books, fairytales (post coming soon), antiquity (reading Rubicon), Chanel (3/4 of my closet), piano (The Rach 3). Just recently I remembered my eternal style Icon. You know, Her.

Are you talking about me?

Are you talking about me?

I follow her footsteps in every little detail. One of her trade marks is cat-eye sunglasses. They are back in style. It was about time, ‘cause I have enough of seeing mirror-sunglasses all over the place.

Cat-eye sunglasses do look like my beloved rock Wayfarer. But they’re also more feminine, mysterious, classy and classic. They whisper:

“I’m sensitive, tender, unpredictable and hard to fight with. I play seriously and I play for fun. Take it or leave it.”

Audrey's descendents Courtesy of Delta Vision Facebook page

Audrey’s descendents

Classic & Classy Courtesy of Delta Vision Facebook page

Classic & Classy

Pictures courtesy of:


Always trust your instinct

Love at first side Shanghai Tank wool & silk cardigan

Love at first side
Shanghai Tank wool & silk cardigan

In B.C. (Before Crisis) times I visited an amazing store in London, Shanghai Tank. There were exquisite luxurious items which at the time where pricey. Today this store is even more expensive, so I only visit it as a “fashion museum”.

Back then in B.C. times, I was trying a striking cardigan. It was love at first side but I was just hesitating. The price was up but the item one of a kind. Then a salesperson kindly knocked at the door asking if I was buying it because the lady next to me was very interested, in case I did not want it since it was the last one. Without a second thought, I walked to the cashier.

Ever since then, I am thankful for being able and lucky to this cardigan. It proved to be a value for money item and I always cherish.


Classic is an eternal value

Loving to wear first loves Photo by V.T.

Loving to wear first loves
Photo by V.T.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to wear glasses, so I drag my mum to eye doctors, pretending I did not see well.  Guess what, I had a terrific vision. (Careful what you wish for. Because of my good vision, I became very early far sighted and now I have to carry my glasses with me all the time.)

So, I developed a passion for sunglasses. I have different styles, different colors. I love Chanel, they are classy. But only wear them in wintertime.

My favorites are Ray-Ban Wayfare. I have a worn pair from the 80’s. The ones in the picture are fairly recent and comparing them, I realized that the lenses glass used to be harder. Having tried all kinds of sunglasses, I came to the conclusion that Ray-Ban are one the best brands. They’re value for money and cover different ranges of taste.

So whatever road fashion trends go, I always return to my first loves.


Manolo Blahniks are dead.

Long live Converse All Star.

‘Cause shoes are made for walking

I look at my worn Prada sandals and calculate how much longer they can survive.

Hung in there guys! Photo by V.T.

Hang in there guys!
Photo by V.T.

The glory days of Carrie Bradshaw are over. Now my beautiful red Manolos look lonely in the closet: “Why don’t you wear us any more?”

Because I have limited use for them. People no longer hung out to parties and social events. We’d rather hang out with our friends in our homes, or go to inexpensive restaurants and walk around town. Our life style changes and so does our dress style.

And the truth is, that most of the times I don’t feel like wearing them. Dress style after crisis becomes creative and relaxed. We no longer have to ‘show off’ our branded accessories. Who cares?

Jimmy Choo B.C.

Jimmy Choo B.C.
Photo by V.T.

I wear almost every day, over and over, my ‘before crisis’ shoes, in particular the low heel ones. They proudly hold up to their reputation and strongly resist decadence. Recently I took my favorite sandals to the shoemaker (Takouni Star @ Skoufa, the kids perform miracles at low cost). Their front was torn apart, “opening like a smile” as we say in Greece 🙂

B.C. investment

B.C. investment

Very high heels are bad for our feet. Have you seen Victoria Beckham’s toes? Well, I pray not to end up like this.

Having to work long hours, I don’t want to go to bed with swollen feet, tortured by fashionable masterpieces. I’d rather wear mid-heel, or even better, ballet flats – which are now designed more comfortable. And my favorites, All Star.

For ever and ever. Photo by V.T.

For ever and ever.
Photo by V.T.

Converse All Star are the new IT shoes, replacing King Manolo. They are affordable, so you can get them in different colors to match your mood and style. I recently started wearing them to work, together with elegant black pants and black jacket. At first, some people looked at me like I was Extra Terrestrial. Now many are wearing them on casual Fridays.

Fashion must reflect life and not the other way around. Times HAVE changed. And fashion industry has to change, sooner or later.


Rebecca in Athens

Undoubtedly, Rebecca has talent, energy and brings an air of difference in the art and culture of this city. But I find two more things in her that stand out: Her taste in jewelery and her love for children.

I met her at the gym and became friends in early morning hours. That means, we were both dressed in simple cotton and lycra workout clothes. Yet, in the outside world, she has an exquisite taste, wearing remarkable jewelery and elegant clothes that don’t shout “look at me“. You just stare and want them all.

From the Gallery shop Photo by V.T.

From the Gallery shop
Photo by V.T.

And then it’s her love for children.

Love you can not hide From the Gallery shop Photo by V.T.

Love you can not hide
From the Gallery shop
Photo by V.T.

I see it in her eyes, when she plays her favorite game, lifting them up as an “airplane”. They laugh loudly and go ecstatic. I wish her all the best, for her and Anatolie (Aurore). A bright name for a bright kid.


Treasures from a man’s world

I’ve got the idea from Ines de la Fressange. Wear men’s clothes, mix and match with feminine items. For example, a man’s shirt with an elegant necklace. Or a man’s watch. In this picture I wear a man’s shirt I’ve bough at Ox store, in Antiparos. The owners carefully choose unique items, with taste. It’s a pity there is no store in Athens yet, but you can find them in Facebook.

I’m wearing my late father’s watch. Feels good on my wrist.

Looks cool in skinny jeans too.

Looks cool in skinny jeans too.


The woman has a voice

and a certain style.  And creativity. Recently launched HOPE magazine for iPad applications, free of charge, together with Kool magazine. Looking forward for more.

Photoshoot for Life Magazine Picture from J. Balatsinou FB page

Photoshoot for Life Magazine
Picture from J. Balatsinou FB page



Because it’s still summer

The cloth that I mostly use during summer is a pareo. That’s how we call in Greece square pieces of cloth that you wear around your waist going to the beach. Pareos for me have multiple uses as:

Summer dresses – my friend Angeliki, who has a valuable fashion blog in facebook has shown my a smart way to wear them as a dress. It is easy and looks classy.

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.


Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

Pareos are handy ’cause you can also use them at the beach as emergency towels (I do it all the time), umbrellas and scarfs if you feel chilly.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a nice weekend at the beach 🙂


Fun time with Tony Sfinos @ Antiparos

A on the way to Tony Sfinos fun night. Photo by V.T.

My friend A. on the way to Tony Sfinos fun night.
Photo by V.T.

The singer has a unique sense of humor, reviving the ‘cult’ moments of the 70’s and 80’s. We’ve enjoyed his performance and stayed up until 3am, when sadly we had to leave in order to catch the boat to Paros. Otherwise we would’ve stayed until dawn.

My friend A. is elegant but also has a sense of humor, so he picked ‘fashionable’ clothes that were most appropriate for the occasion. The pants are from Gap. The shirt I don’t know but he had a perfect match. Like the match with his wife who is a beautiful woman with a cheerful personality and a fashion icon. Well done guys 🙂


As I was trying on this dress in JetBlack store in Antiparos

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

I was convinced looking at the mirror that this dress made me look fat. But Tazi and MariaM had another opinion and finally convinced me to get it. Now I think, how terrible it is to have the wrong image for ourselves. Life is all about self confidence, also love. And it’s hard to love ourselves. We are our own worst critics.

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

The earrings are made by my friend Vassilia Paraskeva. She’s one of the people that influenced my style but also my way of thinking. I admire Vassilia for her creativity. And for her guts to follow her passion and develop her talent.


Maria M. has a special taste and an eye for details

MariaM Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

She picks the best clothes whether she is in Zara or in Zadig & Voltaire. Actually, the latter is her favorite brand. I admire Maria for her choices and long slim legs.

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

This is MariaM wearing her sunglasses. My iPhone is reflecting on them. I’ve asked my friend NicholasY to get me a girly pink iPhone case from NY, and, as usual, he got me a stylishy one, even in pink!


Evangelia got these yellow shoes @ Antiparos

Photo, edit by V.T.
Photo, edit by V.T.

On a way to a concert her expensive sandals were torn apart and she had to buy some cheep shoes immediately. She was about to get flip-flops but Mariza made her change her mind. And indeed she made a wise choice. Later on, these yellow shoes were the bright light that showed me the exit I was looking for. An exit from a dark room.


Africa says Hello Athens

Photo, edit by V.T.

Photo, edit by V.T.

I love visiting the African countries annual bazaar, hosted at the Embassy of South Africa in Athens. I complement the ladies for their colorful exquisite outfits.

Photo, edit by V.T.

Photo, edit by V.T.

This year I’ve got 2 necklaces, one for me and one for Ilia, my godchild. They look cool in both of us.

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.

Photo, edit: V.T.

Photo, edit: V.T.


My teenage fashion guru

“Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine”

In fact, she still is, at least sometimes.  Back when I was a teenager, I used to wear only black and sometimes gray, when I was in a good mood. Patti Smith was my fashion icon. My friend MariaK shares my admiration for Patti and danced with me at her concert at the Herodion Theater in Athens, on July 2013. An unforgettable night. Watch the video on My Rock World.


I was looking for a dress to wear on Nina-Maria’s wedding, when I was in London, on Spring 2013

Angels & Saints

Necklace by Vassilia Paraskeva
Dress by All Saints

I’ve searched all stores, boutiques, all over the place. Then I ended up when I originally imagined to find the perfect dress, in All Saints. I had on hold inside a dressing room a tight silver dress. A woman at another dressing room took it and tried it on. It looked great on her. I was mad at her for taking my dress but had to admit that it was perfect for her body, not mine. She gave it to me gracefully and although I asked her to keep it, sadly she said that she didn’t have anybody to go out with and wear it. Then I’ve tried the dress on the above photo. I didn’t think it fitted me. But this woman and her friends insisted that it looked great on me. They were right and I bought it. I wish that this woman has found somebody special and has bought the silver dress.