Mein Doppelgänger

The double of a living person

In physics, black and white are the same thing. They’re not a color. They are a reflection of all colors. It’s the perspective that’s different.

She’s a really nice girl.  I’m her opposite.  Like the negative of a picture.  Together we are black and white – which is the same any way. Sometimes she hates me because she thinks I embarrass her.  She locks me in a closet.  No problem.  I stay there silent and when she’s in trouble I bang the door.  And she lets me out…

I’m so happy she finally found a space in the cyber world to express herself.   She was a misfit in my daily life and rarely the chance to speak with her own voice.  She never rests.  She smells trouble and goes for it.  Her will is strong, I cannot resist.  But when everything around is ruins, then I come out to restore cool and logic.  She needs it.  And I need her.  She keeps me alive.

Don’t confuse kindness with weakness.  Together we’re stand, divided we fall.

Photo by V.T. Earring by Vasilia Paraskeva

Photo by V.T.
Earring by Vasilia Paraskeva