The bearable lightness of being

The power of Light

Life is a net full of black holes. The more you look at them, the more they attract you. Once you fall into them, you loose your blood, your cells, your self.

Life also is a net of coincidences and chances. And if you find one, stay focused, keep your eyes on the light. The light has the strongest power to keep you from falling into black holes.

Misery is easy. Happiness you have to work on.

Collage by V.T.

Collage by V.T.


Hope has a bright red color

Photo, edit by V.T.

Photo, edit by V.T.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the cemetery to visit my father’s grave. I sat on the marble, warm from the summer heat.

Previously, I’ve seen people setting up an orchestra on the village square, outside our home. I thought, oh just my luck, another bouzouki night with horrible songs and noise pollution.

After visiting the grave, I went to a country resort near by, to do yoga. It was cool. But I was worried about the forthcoming long night with vulgar modern Greek songs and my lack of sleep.

When I returned home, I realized that it was a different set up. The local philharmonic orchestra, consisting of talented young people and a passionate maestro, was performing classical music pieces as well as classical Greek songs of Hadjidakis and Theodorakis.

The same songs I was listening to, last year, during a summer night concert in Megaro Mousikis, outside the hospital where my father spent his last days.

I sat in the village square, applauding together with the audience. Girls were dancing on the Casatchok and Blue Danube tunes. Families were cheering their relatives. A woman next to me, with her boy in her arms, told me that this event was so important for them, ‘something different.’



My friend Molly lives in the US.  In fact you may call her a ‘virtual’ friend, since I’ve met her on line in Facebook.  But it feels like I’ve known her for a long time.  So she’s my friend.  I admire her for the photographs.  She sent me her collection of ‘nature hearts’ and I’ve hanged them on my bedroom wall.  I admire her for her love for nature, her love for animals.  Her simple, back to earth values.

Here is her post on Mother’s Day.  Thank you Mol.

Moments gone in Forever Memory

Moments gone in Forever Memory

“This is my mom and me in 1976. The photo was taken in our front yard in Lake Grove under the butternut tree. She sewed all of my clothes and these were our Easter dresses. I liked wearing these clothes until it was totally not cool to be wearing homemade clothes and all I wanted was a pair of San Francisco Riding Gear jeans. Now I look back (during this era of consumerism) at how amazing it was that she SEWED ALL OF MY CLOTHES!!! Wow.
My mom is courageous, silly, fearless, healthy, resourceful, happy, extremely creative and very thoughtful. I get along with her better than most anyone else I know.
Happy Mother’s Day mama!”


L’ étranger

I take a different stand from this song.  Being a stranger is an attitude.  A way of living.  It gives you the freedom not to belong to a society, a country… Or, even better, to belong somewhere else.  Minorities can have that ‘privilege’.

Being a stranger, you can be an observer and participant at the same time.  Once you chose, you have your own special place to isolate.  Turn off the sounds that bother you.  I ‘ve always wanted to be different.

Being a stranger is a life-choice.  You can travel, visit unknown places, even in your own land.  You learn from different cultures, people…

I say, embrace difference.

* In English, the word ‘strange’ has a double meaning: foreigner and unusual.  While in Greek, the word ‘ξένος’ refers only to foreigner and unusual translates to ‘παράξενος’(super-strange, wired). 


Με τους λύκους άνθρωπος και με τους ανθρώπους λύκος

Ο Μόγλης

Το παιδί που μιλούσε δύο γλώσσες, τη μητρική του, τη γλώσσα των λύκων και την ανθρώπινη.  Πού ένιωθε πιο άνετα;  Ποια ήταν η πατρίδα του;  Ο Μόγλης ήταν παντού ξένος.  Η μελαγχολία βρίσκεται στην απομόνωση.  Και η ευτυχία στην απομάκρυνση.

Not to belong:  Tragedy or Blessing?

Not to belong: Tragedy or Blessing?


Τι πήρα από τον μπαμπά μου – My dad inspired and taught me

Kimon T.

Kimon T.

  1. Την αγάπη για τους αριθμούς και τα μαθηματικά.
  2. Υπομονή και Ψυχραιμία.
  3. Την κατανόηση της δίκαιης ανταμειβής για τους βαθμούς μου στο δημοτικό (10 με τόνο = κουλούρι με τυρί)
  4. Τις περιπέτειες του Ιουλίου Βερν και τον «Δεκαπενταετή Πλοίαρχο».
  5. Με έμαθε να κολυμπάω, από τόσο μικρή που δεν έβαλα ποτέ μπρατσάκια (σε πάω στα βαθειά και φεύγω, ακολούθησέ με τώρα).
  6. Το θαυμασμό και το ενδιαφέρον για τον αθλητισμό.
  7. Την αξία της Δημοκρατίας και την απέχθεια στη χούντα.  Την εκτίμηση στον Αλέκο Παναγούλη.
  8. Το αρβανίτικο κεφάλι, με όλα τα συμπαραμαρτούμενα (Τσαμαδός = κακό πεισματάρικο σκυλί).  Την υπερηφάνεια για την καταγωγή μας.
  9. Να ξυπνάω και να κοιμάμαι νωρίς (Δοκιμάκι).
  10. Την αγάπη για το Ναυτικό (Σχολή Δοκίμων, Αγιά Μαρίνα, Σούδα, Ναύσταθμος, ΝΟΕ, Η Αλίκη στο Ναυτικό).
  11. Και να τρώω με τρόπους Ναυτικού Δοκίμου του 1821.
  12. Επιμονή, μέχρι να μάθω κάτι, και μεθοδικότητα.
  13. Την ελπίδα ότι υπάρχει πραγματική αγάπη.
  14. Ένα πραγματικό υπόδειγμα Gentleman.

My dad inspired and taught me

  1. Love for numbers and math
  2. Patience and composure
  3. Fair rewarding through my elementary school performance (A+ = Bagel and cheese)
  4. Interest in Jules Vern adventures, playing ‘Captain Nemo’ while other girls played with dolls
  5. Swimming ever since I was a kid (lets go far out and now you’re on your own)
  6. Admiration and interest in sports
  7. Appreciation for Democracy and those who fought for freedom, as well as despise of dictatorship.
  8. Stubbornness, typical of Albanian origin.  Pride for our roots.
  9. Waking up and going to bed early
  10. Love for the Navy
  11. Eating manners, like a true Navy Officer of old times
  12. Και να τρώω με τρόπους Ναυτικού Δοκίμου του 1821.
  13. Being persistent and methodical
  14. Hope that true love exists
  15. A model of a true Gentleman.


“I want to be sunshine”

He is a sports psychology consultant.  One of his clients was a famous tennis player, number 10 in the world.  He asked her what’s her life mission.  “Why are you on the planet?”  She replied that she wants to be number 1 in the world and make money.

“That’s not a life mission”, he said. He gave her the ultimatum to come up with her life statement by next morning, 8 am.  She got furious and left.  Next morning, she comes at his office at 8 am. She’s all in fire. “I’ve found my life mission”, she said, “but I’m not going to tell you.”

“Why so?”

” ’cause you’re gonna laugh.”

“Try me.”

“Well, that’s it.  I want to be sunshine.  I want to bring positive energy and light to people as they watch me play.”

“Does it matter if you win or lose?”

“Doesn’t matter.”  She went on and became Number. 1

What’s my life mission?   To love and to create.   And yours?  Why are You on this planet?