Three things remain. And one above all.


The music in the finale of the 1993 film ‘Trois Couleurs Bleu’ directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski is the ‘Song for the Unification of Europe’ from the film’s soundtrack, composed by Zbigniew Preisner. The lyrics are a passage from Paul’s letter to Corinthians. The only writing of Paul that I like.

Julie, the movie heroine,  finally managed to cry at the end. This song is supposed to be her composition.

Μειζων δε τούτων

Her face was the whole story

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, without love, I’m nothing.

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not behave rudely, thinks no evil; rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails.

And when everything is gone, only three things remain: faith, hope, love; the greatest of these is love.”

Θα έρθει μια μέρα που αν υπάρχουν προφητείες θα καταργηθούν, αν υπάρχει γνώση θα καταργηθεί. Ώστε μας απομένουν τρία πράγματα: η πίστη, η ελπίδα και η αγάπη. Μεγαλύτερη απ’ όλα αυτά, η αγάπη.


Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.  They’ve been in each other all along.

Floral Photo by V.T.

Floral Theme
Photo by V.T.


It only takes a small step

Comfort zone = A place that you have built for your self. Like a nest, or better a castle.

Photo by V.T.

I’ve created my own castle, like a dollhouse.
And I’ve locked my self in.
Photo: V.T.

The trouble with comfort zone = When this castle becomes your second skin. An attitude that you wear like a mask. You get used to it, so much that you forget who you are, what your true needs are.

One day, you have to take the decisive step. Move out of your castle and take your chances. The more you think about it, the more difficult it becomes. And if you think too much, the step looks like a huge mountain. It may scare you so that you will never do it. Acknowledge and then ignore your fear.

You have to see the step as what it is. Only a step, not a huge mountain. Just get on the road. Real life does not exist inside the castle.


A big blue balloon

Collage: V.T.

If it’s not real, it deflates like a balloon.
Collage: V.T.

It started like it was the center of the world. If it exists in your head, then it’s true. It was as if your feelings were the fire that burned in the center of the earth. As if your thoughts were huge like grey clouds before a storm in the sky. As if your tears are an deep blue ocean you ‘re drawing into.

And then it ended.

The whole story, including your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions were a big blue balloon. A small kid took a pin and pierced the balloon. Puffffffffff…  your feelings vanished in the thin air. All it remained were the remains of a torn blue balloon. You held it in your hand for a moment. You looked at it, hoping there was a way to restore it. And then you opened your hand and let it fall. Just like that.


Black Roses

He loved the roses, their color, their smell. Yet, he hated himself for that and turned his anger to the roses. They were going to die anyway, one way of another.

The roses looked like they needed to be watered. So he took the black ink and poured it slowly into the vase. The venom got into their pedals, changing their color to black. For a moment. Then they bent and died.

And he enjoyed the spectacle, feeling the Power. The great Power of Love and Destruction.

The ink spread into their blood, changing their color to black.

The ink spread into their blood, changing their color to black.
Photo by V.T.


I’m a spy in the house of love

Coming close, staying far

Sometimes we see right into people, piercing a face like a lazer beam. Their eyes are windows to their soul. I stare right inside the pupil, like a black hole. The question is are you ready to get in the dark tunnel of somebody else’s soul? Knowing the dream that they ’re dreaming of. The words that they long to hear. Their deepest secret fear.

Here comes the Spy. Crawling in, uncovers the secrets that you had burried like a treasury. A Spy is there without being present.

The spy in the house of Love Sketch by V.T. 17 years old

The spy in the house of Love
Sketch by V.T.
17 years old


Memories like ancient ruins: Preserve or destruct?

August 10, 2013

Memories are the remains of people who once had a part in our lives. Like the ruins of Acropolis in modern Athens. Some ruins we cherish as long as we live. Others we  destroy. But the very act of destruction takes effort and time. It’s like living the same story all over again. And I don’t want that. So I let the ruins decay and rot. I leave them to the merciless ax of time. Until one day they’re gone.

At least almost gone.

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.


Forgiving or Forgetting?

  • Forgiving: Sets you free. But it takes time. Forgiving requires higher consciousness and a big heart. It’s also kind of a Christian ideal. And I’m not Christian.
  • Forgetting: Takes the pain away. Buries your memories. Forgetting is the easy way out. It’s survival. But it does not set you free. The memories are there, buried or not.

Although I wish there was a doctor to inject Forgetting into my blood, most times (if not all) I ended up Forgiving. But I haven’t forgotten.

Forgiving but not Forgetting – whatever that means.

P.S. The answer came today: Forgiving brings forgetting. Sad to forget but happy to be free. Enjoy life.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.


I am a Shark

A shark is an animal which if it doesn’t move forward, it dies.  I’ve heard it in a Woody Allen’s movie:  «A relationship is like a shark, it either moves forward or it dies.»  Then Steve Ballmer quoted him in a Microsoft meeting in Seattle with a twist of business:  «A company is like a shark.  It either moves forward or it dies.»  I’ll never forget it, along with other quotes by Steve B.  And I say:  «A country is like a shark.  It either moves forward or it dies.  So Greece has to move forward.  Or we’ll die.  For sure.»  And then people.  «A person is like a shark.  He/she either moves forward or he/she dies.»  And when you die a death like this, you’re nothing but a zombie.

Photo by V.T.

Photo by V.T.


Dreams of fear or Fear of dreams?

Η επιστήμη λέει ότι τα περισσότερα όνειρα είναι εφιάλτες.  Φόβος σημαίνει προφύλαξη.  Φοβόμαστε το φίδι γιατί θα μας δηλητηριάσει.  Αν δεν έχουμε επίγνωση του κινδύνου, πώς θα προφυλαχθούμε;   (Αλλά εμένα τα φίδια με γοητεύουν.) Ονειρευόμαστε ό,τι φοβόμαστε για να προστατευτούμε από αυτό.  Μαθαίνουμε πώς να προστατευτόμαστε μέσα από τα όνειρά μας.  Ή να προστατευόμαστε από τα όνειρά μας.  Η επιλογή δική μας.

Science says most of our dreams are nightmares.  Fear is for our own protection.  We are afraid of the snake because the snake can poison us.  If we’re not aware of the danger, then how can we save ourselves?  (But I’m enchanted by snakes.) Our nightmares exist for a reason.  We learn how to defense and protection from our dreams.  Or, to protect us from our own dreams.  The choice is ours.

Man-woman-snake 2
Collage, photo edit by V.T.


The joy of flying

Have you ever dreamt you’ re flying?  What were your feelings?  Share with me your experience! When that happens to me, I’m so happy, I flight like I swim, parallel to the ground, spreading my arms to move forward.  And it’s so easy, just a though, a state of mind and then off I go. It comes so natural to me.

Nimbus 2000


Happiness is

Η ευτυχία έχει αντίστροφη σχέση με τη μνήμη.  Οι άνθρωποι με τις λιγότερες αναμνήσεις είναι οι πιο χαρούμενοι.  Όπως και αυτοί που δεν ονειρεύονται όταν κοιμούνται το βράδι  Μακάριοι οι πτωχοί τω πνεύματι. Ο Όμηρος είχε δίκιο.  Η ευτυχία βρίσκεται στη χώρα των Λωτοφάγων.  Ο λωτός ήταν η τροφή τους, κάτι σαν ναρκωτικό που προκαλούσε ειρηνική απάθεια.  Τον καρπό αυτό πρόσφεραν στους ταξιδιώτες επισκέπτες τους, οι οποίοι έχαναν την επιθυμία της επιστροφής στη πατρίδα τους ή τη συνέχιση του ταξιδιού τους. Ο Οδυσσέας προτίμησε την ταλαιπωρία του ταξιδιού.  Προτίμησε να θυμάται. Η ευτυχία βρίσκεται στην Αιώνια Λιακάδα ενός Καθαρού Μυαλού.



Συναισθηματικό καταφύγιο / Emotional Rescue

Οι άνθρωποι που είναι για μας μια μεγάλη αγκαλιά.  Μυρίζουν σπιτικό φαί, ζεσταίνουν σαν κουβερτούλα το χειμώνα.  Μας περιβάλλουν σε ένα μανδύα αγάπης.  Έχουν τη γεύση γλυκού του κουταλιού, ενός γλυκού που όμως σε παραπάνω δόση από μια κουταλιά λιγώνει.  Γι΄αυτό και ο ρόλος τους είναι μόνο ‘καταφύγιο’.  Και έτσι πρέπει να μείνει, τίποτε άλλο.  Καλύτερα να είναι αγαπημένοι φίλοι.  Όχι άτομα που έχουμε ή είχαμε ερωτικές σχέσεις.  Μην το κάνετε ποτέ.  Στον εαυτό σας ή σε άλλο άνθρωπο.

There are people who hug us with the warmth of their heart. Human emotional rescues like nests of protection during hard times and tough winters.  Loved ones who offer us a piece of chocolate cake, a plate of a warm soup for the soul.  But that’s all we need.  Nothing more – because “more” is overbearing.  It’s better that these people are beloved friends, not lovers, either from our present or our past.  Never do that to yourself or to others.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.

Collage, photo edit by V.T.